Our Services


Usually with any concrete project excavation and or demo of old concrete is done first. We self perform this work most of the time. If it happens to be a large amount of excavation work we can and will sub it out to a company that is more set up for this type of work.


The highlight of our business is the concrete work that we prep, place, and finish. We will first set any type of formwork needed, anything from retaining walls, curbs, patios, RV pads, driveways, foundations, sidewalks, etc. The next step would be ordering the concrete to the site. This concrete is provided by a ready-mix supplier and is delivered in large concrete trucks.

Finally, the placing and finishing come into play. We pour the concrete out of the large trucks and manipulate it in a way that makes it a beautiful finished product that will last for a lifetime of use. Once the job is complete we strip all formwork, haul out any additional materials, fix the landscape around the work area, and return the owners property to its original condition only with the new concrete.